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线缆的回收就是采用一定的技术手段,使导体和外皮脱离,然后采用分选技术把导体和外皮分选开,得到较纯净的金属与塑料等,从而达到资源化的目的。 The recycling of cable is to use certain technical means to disengage the conductor and the outer skin, and then use the separation technology to separate the conductor and the outer skin, and get a more pure metal and plastic and so on, so as to achieve the purpose of resource. 常用方法有:焚烧法 The common methods are: incineration method 焚烧法一般是利用电线电缆中塑料的可燃性,采用焚烧的方法来回收电线电缆中的金属。这是一种早期原始的金属回收方法,现已被国家明令禁止,是一种被淘汰的金属回收方法。 Incineration usually takes advantage of the combustibility of plastics in wires and cables, and uses incineration to recover metals from wires and cables. This is an early primitive metal recovery method, which has been banned by the state and is a metal recovery method that has been eliminated. 剥线法 Stripping method 该种方法对于大直径的线缆的拆解在工厂中应用较广泛。自动剥线机工作原理如下图所示,右滚轮步进电机带动上、下右滚轮将夹持的被加工线左右移动;裁刀步进电机带动上、下两裁刀向相反方向运动,通过控制上、下裁刀之间的位移,实现剥皮和裁线的功能; This method is widely used in factories for the disassembly of large diameter cables. The working principle of the automatic stripping machine is shown in the following diagram. The right wheel stepping motor drives the upper and lower right rollers to move the clipped machined line, and the cutter stepping motor drives the upper and lower two cutting tools to move in the opposite direction, and realizes the function of peeling and cutting by controlling the displacements between the upper and the lower cutting tools. 左滚轮步进电机带动上、下左滚轮将夹持的被加工线左右移动;扭线轮步进电机带动上、下左滚轮向相反方向前后运动,实现扭线功能。其中扭线轮与左滚轮在物理上是指同一滚轮。 The left roller stepping motor drives the upper and lower left rollers to move the clipped machined line, and the twisting wheel step motor drives the upper and lower left rollers to move to the opposite direction, and realizes the twisting function. The torsion wheel and the left roller refer to the same roller in physics. 该种方法针对大直径的线缆的拆解有较好的效果。但由于其人工依靠性强,针对中小直径线缆的生产效率太低,自动化程度差,对线缆的类型的分选性差。 The method is effective for the disassembly of large diameter cables. However, because of its strong manual dependence, the production efficiency of small and medium diameter cables is too low, and the degree of automation is poor. 低温破碎法 Cryogenic crushing 韧性物料在破碎加工时会呈现各种塑性、粘性和弹性行为。一般认为颗粒的破碎主要受以下三个因素的影响:温度、冲击速度、粒度,这三个变量控制着破碎的发生和破碎程度。低温破碎的基本原理就是利用制冷技术使物质发生改性脆化而容易被破碎。 Ductile materials exhibit various plastic, viscous and elastic behavior during crushing. It is generally believed that the crushing of particles is mainly affected by the following three factors: temperature, impact velocity and particle size, and these three variables control the occurrence and degree of breakage. The basic principle of low temperature crushing is to use refrigeration technology to make materials brittle and easy to be broken. 低温破碎技术最早实现工业化是在1948年,目前常用的制冷方法有2种:一是制冷剂制冷,二是空气膨胀制冷。 The cryogenic crushing technology was first industrialized in the 1948. There are 2 commonly used refrigeration methods: refrigerant cooling, and air expansion refrigeration two. 目前,低温破碎技术在废旧电路板、废旧线缆的破碎中得到了较好的应用,在液氮冷却下,废旧电路板、废旧线缆变脆,很容易粉碎,但是低温破碎液氮冷却装置成本较高。 At present, the crusher technology has been well applied in the breakage of waste circuit board and waste cable. Under the cooling of liquid nitrogen, the waste circuit board and the waste cable are brittle and easy to crush, but the cost of the cryogenic liquid nitrogen cooling device is high. 机械破碎分选法 Mechanical crushing and sorting method 机械破碎法主要包括破碎和分选两个单元。废旧线缆经破碎单元被分解成一定尺度的颗粒单元,然后经分选单元把铜和塑料分选开从而得到纯净的铜和塑料。 Mechanical crushing includes two parts: crushing and sorting. The waste cable is broken into a certain size unit through the crushing unit, and then the copper and plastic are separated by sorting unit to get pure copper and plastic.

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